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Is it really possible for a woman to capture a man's heart forever? Well, according to "Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever" the answer to this question is an undoubted yes! But dreaming aside, is it really possible to fall in love at first sight, or is this just an illusion?

Video: Love at First Sight

The very fact that the idea of love at first sight has passed down through the ages so persistently strongly suggest there might just be some truth in this! And yet, it does seem a little implausible, doesn't it? Love at first sight?

I sometimes think that most of us don't actually even know what love is, because if we did are surely there would be far fewer visits to family therapists, counselling, and arguments! However, cynicism aside, there is something compellingly powerful about the idea of capturing your beloved's heart, and having a romance that lasts for the rest of your life.

It's often said that women are far more romantic than men, and women are far more emotional than men, and I think there is some truth in this. I think there are probably very good reasons why this is so, too. Men have to be unemotional in defence of their territory, or when rescuing children or animals or women from dangerous situations. Men have to be warlike and fierce or at least, they did in the times before humanity evolved into what we choose to call a "civilized society".

Men and Women Mars and Venus?

It follows that the values and qualities that would have helped us during our evolution are likely to be very different than the ones to which we currently aspire. And that does include romance, love, anger, fear, and all the other emotions that we know so well.

So I think it's probable that men and women do have a tendency to fall in love at first sight, but whether or not it represents something that we could identify as profound true love is another issue.

Perhaps what it really represents is lust at first sight, the remnants of the desire to reproduce with any suitable mate, so that the species is preserved. Overlain on the top of that, of course, is the requirement for a woman to choose a man, or mate, who is going to stick by her, protect the children, protect her, and to some extent provide for her.

You can see that these values and and ideas and aspirations are not too far removed from patterns that we currently see playing out in society at every level. You have to go right back to the beginning of sociobiology, a particular form of evolutionary biology that was formulated in the late 1970s and early 1980s, to examine the ideas of love and sex. There is evidence for and against the social imperatives that we sometimes feel we're battling against, particularly where it comes to mating and reproduction in general and love at first sight in particular.

What About When A Relationship Ends?

Text Your Ex Back

One revolutionary idea for re-establishing good sexual relationships is based on sending text messages to your ex partner.

These range in content from simple straightforward exchanges of opinions and thoughts right up to emotionally engaging e-mails which are designed simply to re-establish emotional connection with your partner.

These text messages are short and personal, and because you can pretty much guarantee that your ex-partner is going to read them, it's a good way of getting your point across.

If you do this correctly, you can get to the point where there are almost certainly going to be delighted to see a text message from you. It's only a short step from that to wanting to get back together into relationship with you of course.

Sending people an "empty message" is, however, pointless. To have any value, a text message that you send your ex-partner needs to say something that will evoke a reaction in them. So instead of saying something like "I miss you", text something like: "Hey, I just watched a program on TV where they went skydiving. I remember the time we went skydiving and how scared we were, and how happy after we'd done the jump."

You see, the point about this is that it shows that you're thinking of your partner, and reminding them of good times you had together in the same moment. You also want to avoid arguing, or saying anything negative. So for example, you could get them into a different emotional state by sending a message that said something like: "Hey, do you remember when we went to the Lakes? I'm going there next week, with a friend, and the thought of it reminds me of view of the good times we had."

You can be sure that messages like this are not going to leave your ex-partner unaffected. Great - you want to affect them and engage their sense of being emotionally attached to you, and make them feel how they are missing you.

It's a subtle art, but if you do the homework correctly - which is to say you read www.pressthosebuttons.com carefully and then follow the instructions explicitly - by the time you contact them you'll be a powerhouse of techniques and tools which can make them want to be with you.

Eventually, you're going to reach point where you can actually ask your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend out but you are not going to call it "a date".

In fact you're going to ask them out because you just want to be with them, without the prospect of being in relationship. At least, that's what they're going to think. If you call it a date, they're going to run a mile, because while they were clearly attracted to you at one point, the breakup will have seriously damaged their trust in you. Anything that seems like a fast-move on your part to try and get back together is going to raise their defenses fast!

Reconnecting in this way can help you text messages which are going to re-establish trust in a relationship with your partner. You need this because without such an approach, you'll tend to move into the realm of emotion, which is destructive and unhelpful in the early days after a breakup. 

When people communicate emotionally, they don't understand each other, and when they don't understand each other, they aren't able to see each other's point of view. That leads to conflict.

So, when you've ended a relationship and realized you've made a terrible mistake, the problem standing in the way of reconciliation is always finding a way to communicate effectively, openly and honestly.

And even though texting may sound like a bizarre way of getting over this issue, the principles are very sensible. You start by sending text messages which are designed to increase reciprocal interest, and follow them up with texts that are designed to become gradually more intimate and eventually communicate how you truly feel about your ex-partner.

A Revolutionary Relationship Program Text Your Ex Back

If you are in this situation, then it's hard to know what to do, but the great news is that there is hope, and there is help at hand. It's one of the more radical and revolutionary self-help relationship renewal programs that I've come across in recent years, and it is called Text Your Ex Back.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly in favor of people moving on from one relationship to another when things have clearly reached a point where they are unsustainable. However, we all make mistakes, and I've known a lot of people who have ended a relationship and then desperately wished they hadn't done so.

In these situations a program like Text Your Ex Back can be a real help. If you have any interest whatsoever in getting back together with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, then texting them is one possible way in which you might re-establish communication. Read more here.

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