Head, Heart and Balls

In order to put in motion the Law of Attraction, we have to activate awareness in such a way that harmonizes our sensible mind and our psychological heart to develop a meaningful drive, then move forward from that place.

When you want something, a goal, a result, you emotionalize that desire ... thus giving it an energetic charge that the Universe responds to.

But like a water pump that you have to keep pumping to keep the water pressure going, you have to purposely keep that desire full of psychological vibration or it vanishes and loses its strength.


law of attraction principles

And the fact is, lots of people will never attain favorable outcomes based upon the Law of Attraction since although they do know of positive thinking, they have contradictory subconscious beliefs and practices.

As John Assaraf says: Let's say you want to make an additional $50,000, $100,000, or maybe even $1 million dollars more.

Or let's say that you wish to lose the fat you don't desire on your body. Or that you wish to find the soul mate you're not with today.

It's not enough just to have the concept, desire or the objective. It's not nearly enough simply to write it down. It's insufficient to have a vision board or to talk about it.

What you have to understand is you need to get your subconscious mind to line up in harmony to produce synchronicity - and you need to impress it over and over again into the psychological subconscious so coherence is created between the two parts of your brain.

Think of listening to an orchestra whose musical instruments aren't in harmony with each other. There would be a lot of sound coming from the instruments, but it most likely wouldn't sound excellent.

What I want you to grasp is that you need to produce an internal symphony between the universe and the subconscious mind-- between your vision, objectives, beliefs and your behavior.

You have to emotionalize the desire and the objective and impress this energy into your subconscious mind as you take inspired action towards achieving exactly what you wish to attain.

This way you have every part of your body, mind and soul working towards the fulfillment of your goals. This is when and how the Law of Attraction works for you.

The difficulty is that there are several ways to align your mind and subconscious mind, not to mention bio-energetic systems. This thing is so nuanced it gets to be frustrating and might take years to achieve!

So here's a direct method to synchronize everything and balance your entire being!

Try meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. After two weeks of consistent practice, your mindful, energetic, vibrational, and emotional states will begin to be in alignment so you can begin to add the active ingredients of emotional imagination to your objectives.

It helps to establish a blueprint, and mindfully plan strategies and techniques for how you're going to get from where you are to where you want to be. The universe values clarity, and more importantly it likes to take action. Just do the footwork and get out of your own way.

To further enhance the balancing process, invest a minimum of 3 hours a week outside during the meditation experiment, solely communing with nature ... bringing your awareness to nature and being with nature undistracted... enjoy touching the ground with your bare feet, feeling the grass on your hands, smelling the flowers, and so on.

Try this 2-week meditation experiment to develop " positioning" . This means balancing your heart and mind (consciousness and subconscious) without attempting to use some advanced mental formula to " rewire your brain" !

After your 2 weeks' alignment practice is in place, clearly specify one vital goal you wish to bring into your reality. Choosing only one goal or desired outcome focuses your energy and consciousness more effectively.

Psychological Charge: emotionalize that goal (why do you desire it, how will it alter your life, in exactly what methods will it bring you happiness, etc.). The idea is to increase and amplify the desire for it from a place of the heart. This powerfully imprints the " vibration" of your objective into your subconscious mind as you take inspired action towards exactly what you want to accomplish.

Listen: The Universe will certainly begin to send you signs of exactly what path to take. This normally is available in your " gut instinct" - you must learn to trust it.

Action: Carrying out the alignment, feeling the quality of your experience, generating the emotional charge, and working out the deeper direction won't do you any great if you aren't going to take action.

There is a universal concept called the " Law of Attraction" which says, " You constantly bring in into your life the people, concepts, and resources in harmony with your dominant thoughts."

The fact is that you are a living magnet. You will certainly draw in into your life individuals who agree with your existing level of understanding, wisdom and experience.

Fortunately, as your Law Of Attraction skills grow and develop, you will draw in into your life better and better individuals. But you will always get the people you are worthy of, based on your current level of personal and emotional development.

The more you discover and grow, the more experiences you have that you benefit from, and the wiser you end up being as a business owner, the faster and more consistently your business will certainly grow as well.

You will certainly constantly bring in the kind of individuals who are harmony with your own level of individual development. The policy is, " Your life just gets better when you improve." .

Luckily, you are in complete control of every element of your life. Constantly enhancing yourself emotionally will enhance every other aspect of your life, and the world around you, including your Law Of Attraction success. Improve your Law Of Attraction abilities and qualities by practicing these things:

1) Read in your field. Always continue checking out the best practices and Law Of Attraction skills.

2) Listen to audio programs on Law Of Attraction success. I suggest a fantastic Law Of Attraction audio program called " High Performance Law Of Attraction" to start.

3) Go to workshops. Gain new viewpoints and ideas connecting to your field. Put these ideas into action.

4) Share concepts in your mastermind groups and get ideas from others. If something is working well for another person in your field, there is a great chance it will certainly work for you as well. Use other individuals' best concepts to improve on yourself.

As you enhance yourself inside, every part of your life will certainly improve on the outside.

The only restrictions on what you can achieve are the restrictions you set on yourself with your thinking. You can go as quickly and as far as you desire on your way to wealth. Success is completely under your control....

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