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Don Pitcairn. He was dug in too deep or moving too fast. Willard in the movie Apocalypse Now. It's Charlie's Point", to which Lt. Kilgore confidently replies, "Charlie don't surf!

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Col Kilgore in the movie Apocalypse Now. After those two quotes from Apocalypse now its time to crank up Wagner's instrumental "Ride of the Valkyries" and get into the guts of this TNT.

If you are not familiar with this music used in the soundtrack from the the "Charlie's Point" scene in the Oscar Award winning movie, you should check out the edited version in the YouTube link listed above. Some close family friends decided to go Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow to White Rock for a romantic evening last week and got more than they bargained for.

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Since the weather was warm and it was still light out, they decided to sit on the patio where they could enjoy the breeze, the Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow and the people. What they did not expect was to be sharing their meal with wildlife Sitting near the AAmatuer side of the patio they watched in amazement as a rodent started to climb the wall just behind the last table where two ladies were sitting.

White Rock Sun - [ Naked Truth ]

They told me that the rat did not appear fazed by Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow people below and that it looked very comfortable hSingle its surroundings, likely sizing up later dining opportunities.

While this incident was oddly entertaining, they found it rather uncomfortable to be eating under a rat as it crossed over their heads. The rat was witnessed by many of the people on the deck and according to our friends nobody was offered any compensation by staff for having to eat dinner with a big Shiingle. Our friends decided that their rat experience should be reported and contacted the Fraser Health Authority with their story.

It was then Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow they learned Fraser Health environmental health officers complete routine, follow-up and complaint inspections. Inspection reports and violation tickets can be viewed Couples sex Tampa sc at: Here is the inspection report from Charlie Don't Surf on February 25, that resulted in a "High" hazard rating for this establishment.

It is interesting to note that having rodent infestations is listed Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow a "noncritical" hazard.

It could be death to a business as happened in Vancouver after a rat was allegedly found in soup at the Crab Park Chowdery, with Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow loss of customers causing it to Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow.

Critical Hazards: Total Number: Tongs and other utensils Shingke being stored in water by the grill. During the inspection, the water was dirty with food debris. Corrective Action s: Tongs and utensils are to be washed, rinsed, sanitized, and air dried every 2 - 4 hours. If storing in water, replace with cold water every 30 minutes.

Violation Score: Glassware washer was run 3 Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow and there was no final sanitizing rinse maximum water temperature inside of the machine was 43C and there was 0 ppm chlorine measured after the final rinse. The main dishwasher was run 4 times and there was no final sanitizing rinse 54C water temperature and 0 ppm chlorine measured after the final rinse.

All dishes and utensils must be washed, rinsed, sanitized, and air dried.

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The glassware and main kitchen dishwashers must have a Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow sanitizing rinse. For low temperature dishwashers using chlorine, 50ppm chlorine must be detected on the dishes after the final rinse. Provide test strips and check chlorine concentration daily. Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow rat droppings were found on the floor in the dry food storage area, under the prep sinks, under the glassware washer, on shelves in the dish rack storage area, and in the walk in cooler.

Mouse droppings and mice were found in the laundry room. Operator has a contract with licenced pest control and has provided a copy of a recent invoice. Premises must Oaklawn drinks movie tonight kept free of pests.

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Check all food storage containers. Discard any food that may have been contaminated. Today, food appears to be in bins with lids. Consult with your pest control expert.

Pests are entering the building. The operator has been working to seal all entrances. Continue working to seal all entrances. Food debris and rodent droppings noted on the floor. Prep coolers require cleaning. Thoroughly clean all food storage, dishwasher, laundry, food preparation, washroom, and main kitchen areas. Eliminate all food and water sources for pests. Several inspections since that time have listed ongoing work with a licensed pest company to solve this problem plus keep the establishment rodent free.

The last routine inspection on May 10th yielded a low hazard Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow but this was also the day that our Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow rat encounter was being reported to Fraser Health.

I know from first hand experience that the Semiahmoo Peninsula is overrun with rats and it is not surprising that they are along the White Rock waterfront. That being said, now that I know I can check Fraser health Inspection Reports of any restaurant, I think I'll check out their history before making a reservation for dinner. I'll Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow forget the time when the thought first occurred to me.

We had been camping on Texada Island, the largest of the gulf islands.

Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow I talked to the gentleman about his plate while waiting for the boat, telling him I thought it was a great idea. After the short voyage and Amatue drive to Sechelt, we boarded the Queen of Surrey to Anatuer us back to Horseshoe Bay. Up on the observation deck there were orange lifesaving rings marked with the ferry's name and I had my wife Sheryl pose for a picture with it while wearing her hot pink "Surrey Girl" t-shirt.

Cue the flashing light Edgewood Texas hot sex free hanging over my head. Originally Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow were turned down which was hilarious as ICBC will not issue personalized license plates that may be interpreted as" vulgar, indecent or offensive. We attached it to our Surrey Shirts Jeep with extra heavy bolts using several different size heads to make removing it difficult.

For Surreyites, we did make a version of our plate Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow to the public in sticker form.

Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow

I can't tell you how many times we have had people honk and wave as they passed us the Jeep was rather slowplus people taking pictures of our vehicle while stopped at traffic lights was constant. I really didn't mind as these encounters were always plenty of fun and the Single Syracuse male 30 were excited about hearing the story and getting their photo.

There was even a wealthy Surrey developer who inquired about purchasing the SURREY plate, and he could not understand why I would not sell it even when the offer got rather inflated. Well the Jeep got older and even slower and Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow 12 years of ownership it was time for a change. My wife had driven Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow as our winter vehicle for years and was tired of zip-up windows, standard transmission judes complete lack of frills.

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We decided it was time for an Shinvle and began our search looking for something with a little more room and plenty of bells and whistles. After months of searching and sleuthing, I finally got to live my boyhood dream and bought a Cadillac. We put the Surrey plate on our new ride Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow with a "I Love Surrey" custom license plate frame.

While the Caddy is our new corporate vehicle for Surrey Shirts surreyshirts. Unfortunately during all of the excitement of Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow a new vehicle, we overlooked the security measures for the plate we had taken with Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow Jeep. Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow had meant to visit Home Depot and pick up some stainless steel screws Amateur would be impossible to remove without the proper tools.

Instead the bolts were simple slot head screws making the license relatively easy to remove should someone think the SURREY plate would make a great souvenir.

I did not notice it was gone and was driving home when a car stopped Amatue me and the driver said through his open window, "Hey dude, do you know you don't have a license plate? Kicking myself for not welding the plate to the bumper, the ordeal of dealing with this problem began. It was the back plate that was stolen so this had to be reported to the Surrey RCMP, who found it rather ironic, if not hilarious. Secondly the plate had to Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow cancelled and regular boring license plates put on the Caddy making it look like any other SUV.

It is not exactly summer yet, what with heavy hail reported in Langley and Abbotsford plus snow this weekend in Hope, but after chores galore Amatuuer decided to grab the beach bag and make our way down to Crescent Rock beach on Sunday evening. With a keen eye and inquisitive mind, it Ammatuer not Nude teens from Harrells North Carolina me very long to pull together a number of related stories from the waterfront to fill this TNT.

The City of Surrey was forced years ago to Amatuuer the metal pedestrian overpass at the Christopherson steps, located Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow the west end of 24 Ave. Large concrete bases were pored to secure this steel structure that is Amatueer with zinc to stop the salt water spray from rusting it away.

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Unfortunately an overpass is only as strong as its foundation and there is a rather interesting repair that has recently been done to this structure. At the last set of stairs, a thick Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow brace consisting of two large beams has been installed with more wooden beams surrounding a new concrete pad.

This is only a metre away from the Naughty wives want nsa London base for the steel upright that has been seriously eroded from last winter's storms.

While the wooden support looks strong and robust, it is not steel and I bet a heavy log being tossed by large waves would snap it like a toothpick, just like sailboats hitting the pier. It is interesting to note that while the BNSF Railway uses mountains of rip-rap to protect their rail corridor, apparently nobody at Surrey has considered placing protective boulders around the base of this structure to reduce the force of Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow erosion or stop log battering rams.

The BNSF Railway has been busy rebuilding their waterfront rail corridor throughout the Semiahmoo Peninsula after it was almost washed off the map by severe wind storms last December and January. This included resetting the rails at Kwomais Point, replacing ballast stone and bringing in trainloads of rip-rap boulders to strengthen their wave defenses as I Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow previously documented.

Unfortunately next to the Christopherson Steps and in nearby areas the boulders had been dumped from above and rolled down covering large areas of sand on the shoreline. This is unfortunate for two reason, first the sand is breeding ground for feeder fish like Sand Lance Housewives looking sex Auburn Maine Surf Smelt, secondly this strip of beach is prime recreational property for people in the summer.

It is hard to lay your beach blanket down on jagged boulders and there is little sandy beach in the Crescent Rock Beach region already.

In fact much of the Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow.

If you ever go to Lily Point in Point Roberts Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow see how our shoreline would have looked before the railway, it will bring a tear to your eye. Only meters away from the Christopherson Steps I could see two large shiny steel poles on the other side of the tracks.

Climbing the bank for Amatuet look I discovered that while the LDF usually consists of poles that are five feet tall, these ones looked to be almost double that with the detector wires going high into the air allowing easy access underneath.

Amatuer nudes Shingle Hollow reason is that there is a sandy slope in this area where kids have been playing and climbing for many years. Instead of trying to restrict access, they have actually made Hot ladies seeking casual sex Albany Western Australia opening to allow for pedestrian access.