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2019-12-05 作者: 来源:江苏壹光科技有限公司 浏览量: 网友评论: 0

摘要: 超薄护眼OLED台灯0068,为江苏壹光科技有限公司2020神灯奖申报产品。

项目名称: 超薄护眼OLED台灯0068

OLED Table Lamp0068

申报单位: 江苏壹光科技有限公司










(1) the product is a portable table lamp made of OLED light source. It integrates the acteristics of OLED with extremely low blue light and large area comfortable eye protection, which is very suitable for teenagers and adults who use eyes frequently at night.

(II) the product has the following acteristics

1. Large area lighting (210mm * 75mm), soft and even light

2. Very low blue light, no glare, no video flash, human eyes can look directly

3. Mild warm light, color rendering up to 93, R9 ≥ 60

4. Ultra thin (4.6mm) minimalist style, CNC alumina process, similar to IMAC texture

5. Foldable, up and down two axis rotation design, large irradiation area

6. Stepless touch dimming, with its own wireless ging module, can ge wireless devices on the market, such as iPhone x


适配器输入:AC100-240V 50/60Hz






Adapter input: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz

Lamp body input: dc5v-3a

Light source: oled3.5w * 1 (220mm * 85mm)

Color temperature: 3000K

Color rendering index: ≥ 93, R9 ≥ 60

Overall power: 15max (light power 5W)






Develop a new generation of 220 * 85 high quality OLED light source at home

Integrated CNC process, advanced oxidation surface treatment, IMAC texture

Two axis rotation design, foldable, minimalist style

Made of high-strength aviation aluminum, ultra-thin (4.6mm) without losing strength



Thanks to our companys new breakthrough in OLED lighting technology, there are no strong competitors in the market at present, so OLED table lamps are very rare on the market, and their health and eye protection acteristics are very significant. The traditional low blue LED desk lamp is generally 10-50w. M-2.sr-1, while our OLED desk lamp is only 1.5W. M-2.sr-1 (see CCC report 13001-2018077c11476-c2), and the blue light is only one thirtieth of the general eye protection LED desk lamp! It is very suitable for infants and adults to protect their eyes at night. With the continuous improvement of our OLED light source technology, materials and technology, the cost will be further reduced, and the popularization of healthy OLED lighting will be more and more extensive.



It adopts the latest OLED light source researched and developed by ourselves, which has more complete spectrum, larger luminous surface, lower blue light, higher color rendering and lower heat than LED desk lamp



Suitable for teenagers and adults who use their eyes frequently at night



Appearance patent No.: 2018302869970



Jiangsu Yiguang Technology Co., Ltd. -- one of the first batch of enterprises in the world and the first one in China to have 2.5-generation production line and technology of OLED lighting panel. Its development history can be traced back to the beginning of 2012. Mr. Wang Xueming, chairman of the board of directors, invested in OLED project of Nanjing first organic photoelectric Co., Ltd. in Nanjing national high tech Industrial Park, with a registered capital of 200 million yuan and a total investment of 600 million yuan. With more than 40 OLED core technology teams and world-class technology research and development, it has kept the worlds number one record in a number of OLED technologies, and has taken the lead in realizing the mass production technology of internal light extraction (ies). Up to now, the company has designed and developed dozens of unique OLED lighting product series, which have won many awards, such as: 2012 China Innovation Design Red Star Award; China semiconductor lighting industry "shining 2013 innovative products"; China International Civil and military technology Expo "excellent product award"; etc. In November 2016, in order to accelerate the strategic transformation of enterprises from technology research and development oriented to high-end market manufacturing oriented enterprises, Mr. Wang Xueming, chairman of the board of directors, established an OLED lamp R & D, testing and sales base in Liyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Yiguang Technology Co., Ltd., and invested in the construction of 13000 square meters of modern high-tech factory buildings, office buildings and related supporting facilities in Liyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province Shi. In the first half of 2020, the upgrading and mass production of generation 2.5 OLED lighting production line will be completed, and another generation 2.5 flexible light source production line that can be put into mass production will be built in the same year, and the only generation 6 OLED lighting production line covering an area of 70 mu will be built in the next three years, realizing an annual production capacity of 1 million square meters.


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